Union Promotes Inclusivity in the Workforce

Published May 24, 2017
National Canadian Building Trades "Standing Together" conference poster

Standing Together was held last month to unveil the National Canadian Building Trades Monument to honour the Building Trades Workers in Canada.

Canada’s Building Trades Union (CBTU) represents more than half a million Canadian construction workers. CBTU’s mission is to strengthen the construction industry while supporting workers and improving their working conditions.

CBTU has been aiming its efforts in creating programs and initiatives to promote inclusivity in the workforce. Did you know that in Canada, women make up only 4% of the construction trade workforce? The union saw this statistic as a concern and launched Build Together, a national program which aims to promote, empower and assist women in overcoming barriers faced in the construction trades.

Recently, CBTU has resolved in providing career opportunities for First Nations, Metis, and Inuit (FNMI) Peoples in the skilled construction trades. CBTU said, “This is the first step in an initiative designed to recruit and retain underrepresented populations into the workforce.” CBTU will continue to work on building a respectful, supportive relationship and environment of inclusivity with the Indigenous communities. The Canadian government is now providing $85 million for apprenticeships while supporting women and Indigenous Peoples to assist them in succeeding in the skilled trades.

The program will launch July 24th. CBTU will continue to support to the next generation of building trades workers, Indigenous Peoples and new Canadians.

By bridging the gap of women in the construction trades, this program will assist in addressing key issues for construction productivity remaining at a standstill. By having a diversified workforce, newer ideas can emerge and change can occur. Supporting the Indigenous Peoples, new Canadians and the next generation are necessary for the sector and our overall economy to succeed.

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