Time tracking: It’s not new and it’s a good thing!

Published July 25, 2015

All manner of time clocks and tracking systems are available on the market and have been for a long time. In fact, the first punch clock was invented way back on November 20, 1888 by Willard Le Grand Bundy in New York. So the matter of employee time keeping and productivity has been a matter of interest and consideration for over a hundred years!

Nowadays there’s quite a bit of research on employee productivity and labour costs in relation to time tracking and there are even companies that specialize in determining your business needs and matching them with the best solution.

The issue isn’t kept behind closed doors or swept under the carpet because why would it be? There’s a healthy public dialogue on the topic and a Globe & Mail article put the spotlight on employee time tracking in their Report on Business section just a couple of years ago:


You’ll want to read it for yourself, but what is particularly noteworthy is the impetus for the story. It features the owner of a landscaping company in Toronto with around 50 employees who work all over the city in small crews. He mentioned the importance of scheduling and was concerned about the “snowball” effects of lateness when you lose a few minutes here or there. The Globe & Mail called on three experts to discuss the issues and the solutions.

Time tracking software was suggested to the owner, and we’re happy to note that good human resource management practices were equally recommended.

For as little as $3 a month per employee, Punchtime offers an easy to use employee time and location tracking solution for businesses.  Try it out!

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