Published January 1, 2017

Now that we are nicely underway in 2017 wouldn’t it be nice to make some commitments to enhancing your business?

The Cloud

More and more businesses are turning to the cloud to offset their internal equipment and software infrastructure. The days of having to acquire, maintain, and support internal technology to run your business is going the way of the proverbially Dodo Bird!

We run our households with monthly payments and many cloud based apps for business provide this service as well. Wouldn’t it make sense to apply this to your business model too? While many of us try to leave work at the office this is not always possible so having your apps in cloud allow you to check in from anywhere on any device as long as you have connection to the internet.  Now that is peace of mind for any business owner!

Social Media

“The so called new kid on the block”… Perhaps 2017 is the time to explore this new frontier of sales and marketing. We are connecting with clients and prospects at a rapid rate these days and every avenue of marketing and promotion you can tap in to using apps such as FACEBOOK, TWITTER, and INSTAGRAM can only help close more business.  Getting some good advice and direction from consultants that specialize in this field can greatly enhance your sales and marketing pipeline and give you a much needed jump on your competition (music to your ears I am sure).

Take Care of Yourself… ok how does this help my business?

With all the pressure of running and maintaining a business we sometimes forget to take some down time to relax and re-charge our batteries.  Long work days and nights can drain us quickly so mixing in some fun time, exercise etc. will keep you sharp when work gets challenging… and we all know that can happen with some degree of frequency!

All the best for success to you and your business in 2017!

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