Help On-Board Your Team (Company Memo)

Published March 25, 2017


To our valued team members:

We are excited to tell you about an improvement to our HR and payroll system.

To become a smarter, safer and more efficient company, we are implementing an app that allows our employees to clock in and out of your daily work right on your phone. The app is called Punchtime and it runs on all iOS and Android smartphones.

Punchtime is a software solution that eliminates paper timesheets, and dramatically improves the process of reporting, while increasing transparency for both the employee and employer.

We believe our employees will benefit as you will now have your detailed report on your smartphone, an easy way to keep track of work hours, whether for expense tracking or to verify against your pay cheque.

This app also enables employers  to protect staff members who work in remote locations or who are off-site alone. We will know where to find you if you need help.  Punchtime does not know your whereabouts after you clock out. There is no data transmission.

Punchtime is very easy to setup, just follow the instructions below and make sure location services and wifi are enabled on your phone.  Punchtime uses very little data, about the same as listening to two songs a month. If you don’t have a data plan, we can work with you to find a solution.

The implementation will start soon so please keep an eye out for an email invite.


  1. You will be receiving an email to join Punchtime.
  2. At the bottom of the email, click [Join This Account] and complete the signup form.
  3. Once you completed the signup form, download the app and give it a spin.  
  4. IMPORTANT: Make sure you receive the invitation email and click the “Join Button” before downloading the app. Otherwise, you might end up creating your own company account as opposed to joining ours.   Let us know if you have any problems.

Please visit for more information about privacy and how Punchtime works. Punchtime is part of our ongoing initiative to be better. We thank you for your cooperation in making this change.

The Management

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