Keeping up with the times…

Published May 9, 2016

Keeping up with the times…

A number of years before the appearance of the internet and the onset of computer technology, running a business was challenging in key areas such as sales, managing inventory, scheduling work and accounting.  Information was stored in items like a rolodex for sales leads, hand written sales reports filed in cabinets, journals and ledgers for accounting, and chalk/marker boards for scheduling deliveries and deploying mobile work force.  Hard to believe for the younger generation!

The explosion of computer technology and software to run on computers has made business more efficient in order to keep pace with today’s competitive marketplace.  A survey of most businesses these days would most likely reveal software playing a more pivotal role in their sales, marketing, operations, and accounting workflow.  For many service companies the last area that has remained predominantly manual (paper) is time sheet for their mobile work force… the question is why?

The answer could be a number of reasons including access and price of mobile technology, privacy concerns and use of personal mobile phones in the workplace. Mobile devices are now available to most of us with communication providers providing leading edge smart phones at low monthly payments.  Reports indicate world- wide users of Smart Phones will surpass 2 Billion in 2016 with that trend to continue upwards.   Many companies have adapted a BYOD,(bring your own device) to work for mobile workers, providing data plans to meet the employees requirements to use their phones at work sites. While individual privacy concerns have garnered more attention in recent years, employees at work, getting paid to perform duties and reporting their work time accurately is a fair request of any employer!

Punchtime software app for time sheet can eliminate all the problems related to paper timesheet, providing critical and accurate time and location data for mobile workers.  All the information in the field is seen in real time by the administrator(s) at the office and data can be conveniently sent to payroll/accounting systems… it’s just that easy!

Let’s face it… within the next 5-10 years paper timesheets will most likely no longer be part of business process for the services industry.  Why not get on board now and start saving money sooner rather than later?

Did we mention all the paper you will save as well?

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