Video 1 : Getting Your Team on Punchtime

Published November 5, 2016

It takes a team to Punchtime so let’s get yours on board.

Under the “time sheets” tab, click the plus button. Enter the employee’s email address and hit “send invite”, each invited employee receives an email with easy steps to getting started on your team’s Punchtime account. As your team accepts the invites, their profiles appear in the “Time Sheets” pane. These employees are now able to punch in and out on their mobile phones, tracking time to the tasks and projects your team has on the go. For those that need admin level access, click on the individual after they accept the invite, navigate to the employee’s settings pane by clicking here, and select “admin” from the drop menu. That employee now has access to team data and the ability to edit punches. This is also where you are able to delete employees from the system, just click the delete icon and confirm.