Punchtime Also Benefits the Employees

Published April 26, 2015


Knowing your team’s location and simplifying your payroll with automated time sheets are some of the obvious benefits for a company that uses Punchtime.  But what about the employee? We wanted to find out, so we asked several of our initial customers if we could reach out directly to their teams for feedback.  But first, for those not familiar with Punchtime, here’s a quick explanation:

Punchtime is a software solution that helps businesses keep track of employee time and location. The data is tracked by a mobile app installed on the employee’s smartphone and then pushed to the Punchtime cloud server in real-time. The employer is then able to access all time and location data from any mobile device at any time.

Immediate benefits to the employee:

  • Some companies pay their employees quicker with payroll integration.  (pay on Wednesday instead of Thursday)
  • Prevents errors and delays in pay caused by miscalculated hours which eliminates uncomfortable conversations between the employer and the employee
  • Employees no longer need to manually fill in timesheets
  • Employees have access to all their hours within the Punchtime app.
  • Time spent per project is automatically broken down — great for companies that participate in profit sharing with their employees

Punchtime is currently working on other elements that add additional benefits to the employee including some safety features.  Stay tuned!

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