Construction Industry in Canada

Published September 1, 2015

The construction market is a huge sector in the Canadian economy.

It’s always interesting to take a closer look at some of the statistics. According to the numbers, one out of 16 workers employed in Canada earns a living in the construction industry. That’s incredible. Across Canada, there are over 125,000 building and construction firms, and in Ontario and Quebec alone, there are almost 70,000 of these firms.

While there are plenty of medium size and large companies, most of these businesses are considered micro or small, meaning they’ve got between 1 and 99 employees. Whether a construction company has one or 99 workers, it is generally agreed in the industry that tracking employee productivity is essential to running a successful and profitable operation.

The marketplace offers a pretty wide variety of time keeping solutions. Systems range from the simple to the sophisticated including time clocks, leading edge web-based solutions, traditional punch systems, ethernet systems, and signal devices. And then there’s a device that uses a digital fingerprint reader to record daily time worked.

Punchtime is the latest offering in time keeping solutions. Making use of smartphones, GPS data, and “the Cloud”, it is automatic and couldn’t be easier for employers and employees alike. An obvious benefit is that it eliminates the need for clumsy and inaccurate time sheets. You can easily set up location-based hotspots to automatically log your employees’ arrival and departure time from every work site.

Punchtime will no doubt improve the management and profitability of all your construction projects. As a business owner or manager, it allows you to see your entire team’s location in real time. When you can see who’s where and when, you can better manage employee overtime and project costs. And after all, who isn’t interested in the bottom line?

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