Award-winning Ottawa company launches with innovative technology that is a Canadian first

Published March 29, 2016

Ottawa, ON – Punchtime is a new app that will revolutionize the way human resources are managed in Canada. It allows employers to know at all times where their employees are, what they are doing and when they are doing it. It can also be used to protect remote workers while increasing productivity and dramatically reducing costs for the company.

On Tuesday, March 29th at 2:15pm, the Punchtime team will launch their much-anticipated product at Terrace Wellness, 120 Terrance Matthews Cresent, Unit C-1. It is their first major client but their prototype is already being used by 300 employees from various companies. 

Punchtime was one of six startups chosen by Ottawa incubator experts at L-Spark in 2015 and L-Spark has remained heavily involved since the Punchtime team graduated from the intense program.  The incubation and acceleration experts at L-Spark have been instrumental in cultivating a made-in-Ottawa solution to an international business challenge.

While still in development, Punchtime won “The Next Big Thing” award at the 2015 Best Ottawa Business Awards, hosted by Ottawa Business Journal and the Ottawa Chamber of Commerce.

On March 29th they will install Punchtime for Terrace’s 70 employees, who work in residential homes. The staff will now be safer and the human resources department will become dramatically more cost effective. The install and training takes about an hour.  It’s that easy and the Punchtime team takes care of everything.

“As the owner of an Ottawa construction company, keeping track of all my employees was a nightmare before we came up with this,” says Yves Eggleston, co-founder of Punchtime and owner of Blueprint Builds. “I saw a need for an inexpensive and simple app on employees’ smartphones.”

That was when Eggleston approached software developer Christian Desjardins with his problem.  “We wanted an app that was simple, easy to implement, affordable and got the job done, especially for businesses with field workers,” says Desjardins, one of the three co-founders. “We re-invented timesheets for the 21st century. Then we developed it even further!”

“For us, the best part is that Punchtime integrates into accounting software such as QuickBooks,” says Terrace Wellness CEO Terri Storey. “There is no need to chase down physical timesheets or to enter data manually. That saves us a lot of money and time.”

“We’ve gone beyond the obvious to create a tool for collecting data that can enlighten employees and management alike,” added partner Lucas Pearson. “We’ve seen Punchtime solve problems and add value to companies that use it by providing the metrics to make effective resource management decisions.”

They purposely built their interface to be able to go global and fast. They’re now on the clock.

The app is available in iOS and Android formats and you can get access to a free 14-day trial on

For more information, please contact:
Kimothy Walker / 613-859-3753

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