Are You in the Cleaning Services Industry?

Published August 30, 2015

If so, you’re part of a big club and one that’s growing. In Canada, the residential cleaning industry alone is worth more than $3.6 billion annually. Home cleaning services have never been in higher demand in Canada, largely on account of the huge number of two-income families.

The prediction is that this economic trend will continue and the need for all types of time-saving domestic services will grow. For example, there are chefs-for-hire and in-home meal preparation services everywhere you turn!

But back to the topic of cleaning. In Ottawa, there are approximately 14 BBB-accredited general cleaning services, commercial cleaning services and house cleaning businesses. Of course we know there are many, many more. With keen entrepreneurial spirit, lots of friends and family members team up to run their own cleaning services.

Countless individuals hire out by the hour (or the job) to vacuum, dust and mop the private homes. Meanwhile, it’s the mid to large size business owners and franchise owners who contend with all the associated management issues—a payroll, scheduling, and perhaps a fleet of vehicles to get the cleaning staff to and from their worksites.

Some companies have route managers or office supervisors to oversee staff activity. To help employers in the service industry to keep track of the whole team’s time spent on the job, Punchtime is a new service that’s been developed. Weather you run small company with a couple employees or manage a large corporation, it’s worth trying out and seeing the benefits for yourself, even if only on a trial basis.

Punchtime is a cloud-based service that accurately records employee arrivals and departures from every worksite. It’s affordable, reliable, and user-friendly for both staff and management. And, it runs on most smartphones. It sure beats old-fashioned time sheets and other methods out there.  Sign up today and start saving time and money!

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