Appliance Repairs

Published July 11, 2015

A quick check on our local HomeStars website (i.e. Ottawa) shows 30 or so companies in the “Appliance Repair” category.

For those who haven’t heard of it yet, HomeStars is a website where homeowners and consumers can review and rank local renovators, repair services, and home service retailers. And it’s a site that service providers can use to advertise their company and establish or build their reputation.

Of course, Homestars is just one source of data so it doesn’t begin to reveal how many actual appliance repair businesses are operating in the National Capital Region. What it does suggest, though, is that there are lot of people employed in the appliance repair business in our area.

Many appliance repair businesses are one-man operations (more often than woman). Or sometimes, a couple of brothers or friends might team up to run an appliance repair service. For larger operations that employ 4 or 5 repairmen or more and that might even have a “fleet” of vehicles, a decent time tracking system becomes essential.

The Punchtime app tracks and logs employee time, using a system that is accurate, low-cost and nearly effortless for both employers and staff. It captures time and attendance geographically, using Google maps to show you where employees are and when. The data the app captures is secure and is stored in the Cloud. And conveniently, the system can connect directly to the business accounting and payroll software. Punchtime is ideally suited to the repair industry where employees are dispatched to diverse locations all day long.

Even the best of employees with the best of intentions can lose track of time. That’s because human beings are notoriously bad at estimating time. While some people are just plain better at it than others, this system addresses our human limitations. When the staff are out repairing dishwashers, washing machines, fridges, and stoves, that should be their main focus and not logging their time on old fashioned time sheets or other more cumbersome and less reliable systems

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